Soul Tribe Studios 

Full Service Knowledge Commerce Production


When D.I.Y. Is Not Enough

When your knowledge commerce product needs to stand out. 

When production value affects perceived value.

When you need to break away from the competition.

When your customers need quality that they can see, hear, and feel.

When you need it all, and you need to leverage your time with maximum efficiency.

Don’t compromise your high standards when you bring your gift to the world 

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We take a holistic approach to creating and selling knowledge commerce products. 

Find out how Soul Tribe Studios can bring your project to life. 


We Produce Content Differently

Live Studio Audiences 

Professional Lighting

Professional Sound 

Purpose Built Studio

Multi-Camera Shoots 

Behind the Scenes Footage


Our 50/50 Rule

We divide studio time equally between the production of course content and marketing materials. Because your course deserves to be seen. 

  • PLF Videos

  • Landing Page Videos 

  • Videos Advertisements 


Multi-disciplinary Execution

Our rigorous approach to pre-production means that whole team understands your vision

Our post production process keeps you in control with progress reports and feedback sessions  

Our focus on pedagogy ensures that your customer gets the most out of your content, has multiple opportunities to learn, and keeps coming back for more.  

A One-Stop-Shop for Thought Leaders 

Multi-day video production sessions with our designated course production team,

project management, and VIP treatment at our purpose built studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 


Copy Writing:

Landing Pages

Soap Opera Sequence 

PLF Email Sequences 

On-boarding Communications 

Project Management:

Designated production team



Pedagogy / Script Management 

File Management

Design Support: 

Art Direction 


Reports and PDFs

Marketing Material 

Course Workbooks 

Everything done, all at once, delivered with a bow on it.

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