Call for Presenters

A great story transcends the storyteller and transforms the listener. 

Share a peak experience that changed your life forever: a pivotal moment, a powerful synchronicity, a profound healing, a mystical experience, a creative revelation, or an instant of clear knowing. 

Be generous, be brave, and be vulnerable. 

Make us laugh, cry, feel deeply. 

Feel the deep connection and support that authenticity invites. 

Contemplate the power of your ideas.  

Push boundaries. 

Reveal a secret for the first time. 

Presenters have 3 to 14 minutes to share their story and move the audience. We encourage creativity and welcome multidisciplinary submissions. 

Starting September 7th submissions will be considered every two weeks with accepted presentations announced shortly thereafter. Note: This system gives an advantage to early applicants.  

Presentation Submission Form 

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How will your presentation move or change the audience. Tell us in 100 words or less.
Approximation only. Final times determined in pre-production. Maximum 14 minutes.
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